The word "strategy" comes from a Greek word for the office of a military general.  The work of today's generals, though, is not the same as it once was. Today, it's about direction and big decisions, but also about culture, immediate agility,  and so much more. 

We think that all managers and employees should be able to create meaning in shared strategic goals. Then, everyone can act on the goals that they established together, and  everyone can take responsibility for the core task and for an unknown future.    

We can help you to work strategically — both in developing and anchoring a strategy,  and in creating strategic process that involve external stakeholders and the entire organization. 

To a large extent, working on strategy is also working on culture.  In order to remain relevant in the future, you have to  move to new places. For large strategic shifts, this means that the organization must do something  differently than before — and that typically requires the development of a new mindset or new culture. ​

"Strategy is culture is strategy", says renowned organization theorist Karl Weick. Working to turn a strategy into a culture is one of the things we're experts at.

At Mobilize, we adapt our strategy work and transformation programme to your particular organization and  starting point. We help you when you need feedback and ideas to take an already developed strategy and make it a reality or anchor it. We can also help you when you're ready to formulate one or more strategic landmarks and create a process for mobilization and anchoring within and around the organization.

"Strategy is culture is strategy."

Karl Weick, organization theorist