Mobilization-based leadership is a crucial prerequisite for real strategic leadership in professional organizations. Strategic leaders create direction for the organization and ensure that goals, values, and organizational practices are truly shaped in a collective way — one where knowledgeable professionals take a key role.

And that's something we can help with. We do it through strategic leadership development, leadership simulations, dilemma work, role conceptualization, and interplay between employees and the different levels of management.

We are specialists in leadership development within strong professional environments. For us, strategic management is a process that shifts continually between top-down and bottom-up. It's about daring to ask the questions that matter and working together to find answers to them: What's the purpose of what we do? What value do we want to create together for society? What is it that we're passionate about?

"If one truly wishes to succeed in leading a person to a particular place, he must first and foremost be sure to find that person where he is, and start from there."

Søren Kierkegaard