At Mobilize, we have ample experience in arranging educational trips. During our trips, we visit a variety of intriguing organizations abroad. The goal is to be inspired by how people in different countries face the same challenges.

Going on an educational trip offers participants the opportunity to study specific, functional solutions at other, similar organizations in order to find inspiration for their own proactive solutions.

We design and facilitate a professional, strategically relevant, and exciting programme tailored to the travelling group. Our greatest task is to handle all the practicalities, so the participants can concentrate on the professional and educational aspects of the journey.

As a participant, you become wiser as you experience how people in different countries face the same challenges.

Field trips give new perspectives

Most recently, we organized a trip to England for a Danish professional college. The goal was to find inspiration to develop a new research strategy and develop the institution. And, to find inspiration for innovative ways to work with applied research and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Here are some of the places we visited:

  • The Chartered Association of Business Schools
  • The University of London
  • The London South Bank University
  • King's Health Partners


Previously, we visited Israel with a group of research leaders. The goal was to experience the local infrastructure, culture, leadership, politics, and financing of research environments. And, to learn more about their approach to knowledge and exchanging technology between the university sector and other sectors of society.

Here are some of the places we visited:

  • The Weizmann Insitute for Science
  • The Israel Institute of Technology
  • The Hebrew University

On an educational trip, you'll gain:

  1. Learning through real-life cases, in which participants study specific problems and functional solutions in the real environments they're in now or soon will be.

    An international outlook focused on other, similar organizations' development and solutions.

    Freedom from the walls of your institution, creating a different context, a different way to communicate, and a common frame of reference that you can take home with you and actively use in your own organization.

  2. An educational shift in perspective that is the product of mentally moving from your home perspective to an external one, permitting more divergent and open learning.

    A strong network from among the participating organizations, as well as relationships with other participants.

  3. More professionalism in leadership roles, as you discover that your sector and its development are part of a greater international development.

    Knowledge that your entire organization can benefit from, as more employees form strong relationships and gain perspectives on political agendas that the organization can work on proactively.

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