We at Mobilize invite you to join a network-based development programme on strategic transformation processes. During the network programme, we'll work with your organization's strategic challenges while giving you new perspectives on your role.

At networking meetings, you'll exchange feedback and ideas with colleagues from other organizations, and you'll be trained and challenged by experienced professionals, managers, and consultants. You'll develop skills in strategic and transformational processes. And you'll work with your organization's own opportunities for moving people, culture, and processes all in a new direction.

In our experience, participants go home with concrete methodologies and proposals for action, as well as new perspectives on their organizations and their own roles.

  1. "Reflection on my own practice. That's something I want to emphasize. The homework and case work from our different realities has given me a really great start on that. I've also had the opportunity to work on something that's highly relevant to the very work I'm facing now, in a focused way."

    Charlotte Gisselmann, Special Consultant for the Secretariat of Management and Communication, CBS

  2. "If you want to be prepared for a transformative process — and you pretty much always have to be! — then a tool that lets you bring in your own day-to-day reality is great. I found that I got that kind of tool from the network. Also, some good, wise friends I can ask for advice."

    Jesper Stub Johnsen, Assistant Director, National Museum of Denmark

Is your organization prepared for a strategic transformation?

We regularly develop and hold new network programmes.

These network programmes are facilitated by Mobilize. We meet six times for three to four hours each time, typically over a period of six to nine months. Each network meeting features instruction from an experienced consultant or manager with many years of practical experience in the public or private sector.

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