Vibeke is today the daily manager of Responsible Health, where she works as a mentor and mental trainer and has a special focus on how humans can achieve lasting improvements. Her vision is for you to succeed in your work.

In addition, Vibeke is an experienced and equipped coach, who gets good feedback on results, competence, form and mood. She has heavy and broad experience from working life, and helps with corporate culture building, leadership development, personal growth and conversational toolkits.

Vibeke is an entrepreneur and business developer, and she has started three companies and has over 20 years of experience from managing business development. In 2011, she developed the AMOVE program, an in-depht process for performance increasing on individual levels. She has taught and helped over 100 people who have dropped out of work or school due to overload, to get them back on track, as well as elite athletes and other ambitious people who wish to increase their performance.

Vibeke is technically and economically educated and has studied cognitive education at the National Institute of Cognitive Therapy in Norway, in addition to coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy and Lightning Process educations in London.