Synergies and collaborations

Marie Louise has an eye for dynamics between people and organizations. She is interested in interdisciplinary collaborations and opportunities and challenges that come with it.

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Marie Louise deals with strategy, management, and employee development in the university, health, and foundation sectors. The focal point is the professional zealots working in and between these sectors.

She has 15 years of experience from large public organizations as well as being a management consultant. In recent years, she has focused on how managers and employees engage in interdisciplinary and inter-organizational collaborations.

Marie Louise is driven by helping people succeed in professional communities. She does so by finding common ambitions and building courage and competencies to unfold synergies and deal with differences. She has also dealt with a number of long-term strategic transformations, where interaction and mobilization of top management, middle managers and employees have been in focus – at places such as the National Museum, SDU and Aalborg University.