Why is vulnerability in management so anxiety-provoking, and yet so essential?

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Klaus is a licensed psychologist whose work has revolved around the interplay between strategic development and people for more than 15 years. Organizations are communities of people, and what matters to Klaus is developing groups and individuals as they work on a strategic task. In Klaus's eyes, it's important that we also talk about the difficult parts of leadership: our doubts, dependencies on others, and vulnerability. Preferably with room for laughter in the midst of all the seriousness. His main focus is on knowledge-heavy organizations where different professional disciplines must succeed together.

Klaus is particularly skilled in creating development programmes for management teams. He is a strong communicator and facilitator of seminars and workshops. Additionally, he has taught a variety of management courses and coached managers at all levels. Klaus is present and challenging, and he always has an eye for an individual's potential. He's also "pause-resistant" — it doesn't bother him when things get quiet once in a while.