Hear Anne-Mette's voice.

Anne-Mette hosts our podcast, the Almanac of Leadership, where she connects the dots between theories, people, and practical leadership every month.

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Mobilize is something special

Communication, relationships, and conflict management are at the core of many of the issues that Anne-Mette helps customers to solve. Whether it's reorganizing a clinical department at a hospital, developing a leadership group at an educational institution, or working with non-management professionals in a special interest group, she does it all.

For Anne-Mette, engagement and curiosity toward the customer's needs are the basis of virtually everything she's involved in.

A sense of the big picture and process details are the hallmarks of her approach to people and projects alike.

Anne-Mette has been interested in the development, managing and wellbeing of the welfare state since she published the book "Lessons of wellbeing" in 2012. 

Today, she is editor and host in Mobilize's podcast "Almanac of Leadership", where she couples theories, people and management in praxis every month.