Is there a smarter way to do it?

If anything can be done smarter, then Stine has definitely already devised a sheet or a process for it.

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About Stine

Stine solves issues in the areas of managerial and organizational development, and she develops and facilitates management courses, such as the Research Management Course. 

Stine is particularly interested in how downsizing affects remaining employees' relationship to management. Thanks to her master's thesis, she has a unique insight into this, and in the June 2020 episode of our podcast, she talks about what it is to be a manager after downsizing processes.  

Stine is driven by helping organizations and leaders become better at what they do. She does this by working with managers holistically, treating them as integral, vulnerable people and encouraging organizations to seek input from their employees.  Stine is particularly skilled in asking questions and developing processes that make others see their situations from new perspectives.