We are Mobilize

Mobilize Strategy Consulting was founded in 2015 by experienced independent consultants who wanted to create a value-based consulting business together. Since then, that business has focused on professional organizations and how they create value. ​

Today, we are developing rapidly, with 35 employees across two offices in Copenhagen and Oslo. ​

We're called Mobilize because we believe that development in knowledge-based organizations is largely about mobilizing the professionals they employ. Our typical clients are knowledge-heavy organizations with skilled professionals — and just like them, we're also a business where professionalism and expertise are front and centre. Our emphasis is on helping our customers to make a difference for their users, citizens, patients, students, or customers.


  1. We help people, organizations, and societies to mobilize and unfold their strategic potentials.

    We develop and advise leaders and communities so that they can handle strategic dilemmas, set a direction, and create meaning and power of action.

    Our approach always takes into account the customer's particular needs and situation, and we produce bespoke, professionally based solutions and processes that create value.

    We follow developments and changes in society, which constantly demand innovation, new collaborations, and new ways of creating value.

  2. We wish to contribute to the development of a sustainable Nordic welfare society. For this reason, as an organization, we always strive to be a generous, open, and professional development laboratory for strategy and management, where leaders can meet and create value across units, organizations, sectors, and countries.

    We're passionate about becoming a community where talented young people can undergo extraordinary professional and personal development — and move ahead in good careers that contribute to our shared society.

    For us, it's important to show our community spirit through sound management and economic transparency. To that end, we constantly work to create a good balance between value creation and price, to benefit our customers.

Our values

Our values tell what matters to us, but also how we see ourselves and how others see us. Mobilize's core values are:

Professionalism — We are a strong, professional strategy house. Our employees are people who research, teach, or write about strategy.

Courage — We believe that it's important to have the courage to speak up, and the courage to say no. Always in a proper way, but most importantly, we always take responsibility for what we do and don't do.

Diversity — We believe that a union of many differences enriches our organizations and gives us new, important perspectives.

Civic engagement — We are all driven by engagement with the world around us, and we strongly wish to create a better society that will make us all happy.

We help organizations to mobilize their potentials